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Rectory offers a Comprehensive Tuition Plan.

This plan ensures complete transparency regarding annual expenses for your child to attend Rectory School.

Under the Comprehensive Plan, tuition includes the cost of attending Rectory's academic program, use of a Chromebook, textbooks, field trips, meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner for boarding students and lunch for day students), athletics (equestrian has an additional fee), MELP, many weekend activities for boarding students, laundry for 7-day boarders, yearbooks, and tuition refund insurance. 

Families are also able to choose from a variety of payment options which can be found below.

The Value of a Junior Boarding Experience

When your child attends a junior boarding school, the quality of your "together time" improves. This may seem counterintuitive, but it's not. Many families find that balancing a household, a career, and children's extracurricular interests can lead to hours in the car each day and rushed moments together at home. The value of having your child live where they can explore and access all their extracurricular, academic, artistic, athletic, community service, and leadership interests is profound. By no longer enduring hours in the car to get from activity to activity, both you and your child can focus on what's important: them. Families who have experienced junior boarding school have reflected that their connection with their children grew stronger when time spent together as a family was more focused on being together than being on the move. 

2023-2024 Tuition

Includes: Tuition, textbooks, sports (except for equestrian), MELP, some weekend activities for 7-Day boarding students, tuition refund insurance, laundry (for all 7-Day and International boarders), and yearbooks.

Not Included in Tuition: Individual Instruction Program (IIP), evening tutoring, Online World Language (OWL), equestrian, and private music lessons.
For boarding students:  transportation to and from Rectory School is not included. 
For 5-day boarders: weekend activities, laundry, and weekend overnight stays are additional fees.

Enrollment Deposit

A non-refundable Reservation Deposit is required to be paid with Rectory's Enrollment Contract. This amount will be applied toward the student's tuition unless the student is withdrawn from the School. If the student is withdrawn for any reason, the deposit is forfeited.

Registration Fee

The non-refundable Registration Fee is required to be paid at the time the enrollment contract is submitted. The monies from this fee will fund the student's bank account (see below) unless the student is withdrawn from the school. If the student is withdrawn for any reason the fee is forfeited.

Required Middle School Fees (Grades 5-9)

Optional School Fees

Individualized Instruction Program (IIP)*: $10,200
Small Group IIP (Grades 7-9 Only): $6,200
Evening Tutor (Per 45-Minute Session): $75
Music Lessons: $1,200
Online World Language (French/Spanish/Chinese): $1,800
Equestrian (Fall Sport): $1,700

*IIP is optional unless it is required as a condition of enrollment.

*IIP includes English Language Learners Program.

Optional 5-Day Boarder Fees

Weekend Night Stay-Over Fee: $200/night
Laundry Service: $1,200

Financial Aid

Rectory provides $2.2 million in financial aid each year to 30% of the student body. Click the buttons below to learn more:

Payment Options

Families may choose from a variety of payment options. Payment options are as follows:

WIRING FUNDS: Please contact the Business Office for the steps to wire funds. Thank you.

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Our team is ready to help you with any questions or concerns you may have. Contact us anytime. 

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