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Kellogg Award Winners

Grade 4 students stand with 夫人. 扎汉斯基饰演的Mr. Williams presents the 2022 Kellogg Award to her.

每年 宗教学校 presents the School's prestigious Kellogg Award. The Kellogg Award, established in 1993 by Rectory alumnus Peter Kellogg '57 in honor of his mother, 夫人. James Crane Kellogg III, recognizes Rectory employees for their dedication and commitment to the School. 每年, two employees are selected to be recipients of this award because of their many years of service to the School and their special help to the school and students. Below are the most recent recipients with Head of School Fred Williams' comments.

This Year's Award Winners

Evan 坎贝尔 with his son Nolan and wife Alysia after receiving the 2022 Kellogg Award.

One of the great joys of working at Rectory is that it is a place where you can wear many hats, as evidenced by Mr. 坎贝尔. He has been a learning specialist, an English teacher, 宿舍家长, 足球教练, a placement officer, 网球教练, an assistant athletic director, an enrollment officer, 一位导师, and so much more. Along with breadth of tasks, there is consistency as he performs all of these roles with equal doses of skill, 热情, 良好的性质, and incredibly clever wit.

Melissa Zahansky, recipient of one of the 2022 Kellogg Awards, stands with her son Brody, 丈夫, 吉姆, 和女儿, 布鲁克.

If you walk by—or even better walk into—夫人. Zahansky's classroom, a number of things are immediately apparent. 首先, it is clear the children love being there, a feeling matched by their teacher who is equally enamored by the students and their well-being. Arranged in clusters around the room, the students actively engage each other in the fun-loving, respectful manner their teacher models daily. The contributions are meaningful, 有关, and connected to the important work of learning that is constantly occurring in the classroom. 好吧, mostly--there is also a nice daily dose of whimsy that usually involves music and maybe some dancing added to each day. This is a classroom all children should have the privilege of attending, and while the teacher makes the experience look effortless, this is anything but the case.


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